Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation

Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation

  Someone You Love - The HPV Epidemic


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  Kirk Forbes appears on Dr. Oz Show to tell Kristen's story.

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The idea for the Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation was born when Kirk and Brenda Forbes’ 23 year-old daughter, Kristen Forbes passed away after a yearlong battle with HPV caused cervical cancer. Click Here to read more about Kristen’s story.  

Kristen’s Video

This video tells the story of Kristen Forbes’ courageous fight against cervical cancer. It introduces the Foundation created in her honor to Educate and Screen, Vaccinate, and Eradicate HPV caused cancers.

Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation Video from Kirk Forbes on Vimeo.

What every woman should know…

  • Cervical cancer is highly preventable. Screening and vaccination are key.
  • Cervical cancer is caused by a common virus. The Human papillomavirus (HPV).
  • Every 2½ hours a woman dies from cervical cancer in the United States, despite it being the only cancer with a single-known cause - HPV - which makes it virtually 100% preventable.
  • A Pap test looks for cell changes on the cervix that could lead to cervical cancer.
  • Using an HPV test in conjunction with a Pap test can better identify women at risk for cancer.
  • HPV vaccines that prevent 70% of cervical cancer are now available.

Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation